Floor Laying in Horley and Other Services | Saving You Time on Property Maintenance

If you want to keep your property in good condition but without the hassle, GJ Property Services is here to help. Whether you don’t have the time to carry out maintenance work yourself or simply want the most efficient solution, we save you time on property maintenance. From wallpaper hanging, painting and decorating to floor laying and fencing, we undertake a wide range of services to a professional standard, giving you reliable solutions no matter your needs. Whether you require services for a domestic or commercial property in Horley, we minimise disruption and complete work as quickly as possible, without compromising on quality.

If you’re looking for maintenance services that save you time and effort, here’s how GJ Property Services can help:

Multiple Trades

Our director has over 10 years’ experience as a sole trader and our team has a collective 25 years’ experience in the industry. As such, we are skilled in a wide range of services and are proud to operate as a practised multi trader in the Horley and Crawley areas. Consequently, if you require various aspects of property maintenance, we deliver the most efficient solutions because you don’t have to hunt around for different tradesmen or have the inconvenience of multiple appointments.

For example, if you hire one company for wallpaper hanging, another for floor laying and yet another for fencing, you could be waiting weeks or even months for work to be done, depending on their different schedules. However, because GJ Property Services undertakes all these services and more, we complete work in a shorter timeframe.

Knowledge and Skill

With our extensive industry experience, we are highly skilled in all the services we offer and know the most efficient ways to carry out different tasks. Consequently, we complete work more quickly than DIYers or less experienced professionals, ensuring your project in Horley doesn’t take longer than expected.

From painting and decorating to carpentry and garden maintenance, we carry out work with exceptional efficiency while maintaining the highest standards.

Landlords and Commercial Clients

We know how important it is for your rental or commercial property to be in good condition, but we also know you have a lot of other commitments that often come first, and that’s why you need our professional property maintenance services. With our help, you don’t need to find the time in your busy schedule for wallpaper hanging, fencing or other maintenance tasks, because we take care of it all for you.

Furthermore, because we provide extensive services for landlords and commercial clients in Horley, including painting and decorating as well as carpentry and floor laying, you don’t have to waste time finding different tradesmen, organising quotes or arranging different appointments.

Contact GJ Property Services on 07795 842713 or 01293 888841 for floor laying, painting and decorating and other services in Horley and the surrounding areas.