Wallpaper Hanging and Fencing in Crawley | How Homeowners, Landlords and Commercial Clients Benefit from Property Maintenance

Whether you’re in charge of your own home, a rental property or a commercial property, you will benefit from professional property maintenance. With 25 years’ shared experience, the team at GJ Property Services is adept at meeting the needs of all kinds of clients, delivering efficient and reliable solutions with attention to detail.  Through our services, which include everything from painting and decorating to fencing and carpentry, we improve your property in various ways, such as enhancing its look, value and comfort. No matter what property you need services for, find out how you can benefit from floor laying, wallpaper hanging and other maintenance in Crawley.

As a skilled multi trader that personalises services to each customer, GJ Property Services ensures ideal results and we help clients in the following ways:

Domestic Customers

Our property maintenance services are ideal for domestic customers who don’t have the time or skill to carry out maintenance work themselves, or who need more specialist services. The main benefits for our domestic customers in Crawley include:

Overall, we improve the style and comfort of your home, helping you get the most from your investment.


If you’re a rental property owner in Crawley, you definitely need to consider professional property maintenance. As a landlord, you have legal obligations regarding the condition and safety of the homes you let, but it can be hard to stay on top of maintenance, especially if you own multiple properties. However, we take the stress and hassle out of maintenance, giving you the following benefits:

Even simple maintenance such as painting and decorating or fencing repairs can have a significant impact on the appeal and comfort of your property, which attracts tenants and makes them more likely to stay.

Commercial Clients

Maintenance of commercial properties plays a key role in business image and success. As such, GJ Property Services offers a range of benefits for commercial clients in the Crawley area. Firstly, our external decorating, fencing and garden maintenance services keep your property looking well-kept, which gives a good first impression and adds to your reputation. A fence also makes your property safer and more secure.

Secondly, employees are much happier in a nice environment, which in turn makes them more productive and less likely to leave. We improve the look, feel and function of your space with a range of services that include wallpaper hanging, carpentry, internal property changes and floor laying.

For wallpaper hanging, fencing and other maintenance services in Crawley and the surrounding areas, call GJ Property Services on 07795 842713 or 01293 888841.